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Durasafe Coupler Lock - 3"

Original price $ 45.98 - Original price $ 45.98
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$ 45.98
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The most popular size couplers are represented by these two Stainless Steel Coupler Locks. Choose the pin size you need and match it up to our Receiver Lock for the perfect keyed alike set. And be sure to browse our other locks to add to your keyed alike collection.

  • Short Pin works with most 2½" surge brake couplers
  • Long Pin works with most couplers that have a coupler latch design
  • Stainless steel lock head with three-ball bearing design for superior strength and greater security
  • Stainless steel pin
  • Dust cap and stainless-steel shutter seals out dirt, dust and moisture
  • Reversible key for easy insertion
  • Failsafe locking system, key cannot be removed unless in locked position
  • Can be keyed to all other DuraSafe products
  • Long Usable Pin Length 3” Overall Length 5.5” (DLC3)
  • Pin Diameter: 9/32" dia (.281)
  • Proudly made in the USA