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Design, Engineering, Testing

At Hennessey Outdoor Electronics, we understand that our most important asset is the customer.  Sonar technology is advancing at a blinding pace and every angler is looking for that competitive edge. The need for additional graphs or updating to the latest versions is ongoing.

At times, it can be overwhelming for the average fisherman. Keeping this in mind, we developed an expandable system of premium sonar mounts.  This “Grow as You Go” approach simplifies the upgrading process and leads to big savings over time. 

Our philosophy is to start with a solid foundation for one graph and offer bolt-on options to accommodate two or even three.  Using the latest in 3D CAD and scanning technologies, we designed our components to be adjustable and interchangeable. As a result, there isn’t a more flexible mounting solution available.

We didn’t stop with flexibility; each piece is precision machined and formed from high-strength aluminum for rigidity. A powder coat finish is applied to provide long lasting great looks. 

Proudly made in the USA by the company who rigs the boats! 

3D CAD state of the art HOE MARINE egineering


HOE Marine - daul mount

HOE Marine Mount made in USA