Lowrance Elite-5 Chirp With HDI Transducer

by Hennessey Outdoor Electronics
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Lowrance Elite 5 CHIRP combines the best of sonar, GPS mapping and Downscan Imaging. Using CHIRP sonar technology, the Elite 5 has been equipped with the tools to make it extremely sensitive to locating fish while providing an improved target resolution and noise rejection, making it much easier to see bait fish and game fish targets.

Using a high-resolution 5-inch color screen, the new Elite 5 makes it easier than ever to see what’s going on underwater. Providing better target identification at greater depths, fish can be marked clearly at faster boat speeds, which is a major advantage of this fishfinder. Multiple sonar settings can be viewed in one display, and the Downscan Imaging provides images so detailed, you will not have any problems identifying what’s below.

Elite 5 CHIRP, just like it’s HDI predecessor, provides built-in maps of over 3,000 U.S. lakes, rivers and coastal contours up to 1,000 feet. Customized maps can be made using sonar data recorded with Insight Genesis, and Downscan Overlay technology allows you to lay Downscan Imaging onto CHIRP sonar, giving the clearest and most-detailed picture yet of the surface below.

What makes this fishfinder stand out so much from others is the convenience it provides. Advanced Signal Processing minimizes manual adjusting of settings, while Trackback reviews recorded sonar history of structure and transitions, enabling fishermen to accurately pinpoint hotbeds of activity below the water’s surface. With its one-thumb use on the page selector menu and multi-window display for easy movement between page layouts, the Elite 5 CHIRP has set the standard for today’s modern anglers.